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  • Kindness

  • Respect

  • Positivity

  • Endeavour

  • Creativity

Welcome to Halstead St Andrew's

Halstead St Andrew’s is an independent co-educational school for ages 2 – 16, located in Woking, Surrey.

We are more than just a school – we are a community dedicated to empowering every child to become confident, compassionate and curious learners.

From the moment your child joins HSA, we instil a sense of fun, making learning a positive experience. This is not just in the classroom but extended to outside the classroom where children have the opportunity to take part in a diverse range of clubs and activities to support their growth and development.

Our approach ensures that while academic standards are high, the learning environment is nurturing and supportive, allowing each child to thrive at their own pace.

We understand that every child is unique, with their own individual talents and passions. Whether your child's heart sings on the stage, shines on the sports pitch, or flourishes in academic pursuits, we celebrate and encourage their diverse talents.

Our commitment is to nurture and support each child as they explore their interests and unlock their full potential.

As partners in your child's journey, we value the crucial role parents play in nurturing their children's talents. Through open communication and collaboration, we work hand in hand with families to ensure that each child receives the personalised support and guidance they need to thrive.

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At Halstead St Andrew's we are proud of our school community. Our pupils are incredibly dedicated to making our school a wonderful place. They are always eager to lend a hand, promote school activities, and support each other. Together, we create a nurturing and vibrant environment for everyone. Find out more about our school at . . . #HSASchool #HSACommunity #IndependentSchools #SchoolsinWoking #