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Swop Shop OLD

What is Swop Shop?

Swop Shop sells second-hand STA uniform, games and PE kit from Nursery to Year 8.

All proceeds from the Swop Shop sales benefit your children. In the past, for example, Swop Shop has contributed towards the lighting in the theatre, bought a variety of board games for wet break, items for the LEGO club, the gardening club, and footballs used at break time.

Swop Shop is entirely run by parent volunteers...

Using Swop Shop

Swop Shop is open approximately three times a term (usually on a Friday), plus we hold one large sale at the end of the Summer term. Please check the school’s calendar for details.

Putting items into Swop Shop

Uniform for sale can be brought into school at any time. Please leave your bags at Reception with Mrs Curr. 

  • Please make sure all items are clean and in good condition - no rips, missing buttons etc.
  • Please ensure all name labels have been removed.
  • Please ensure items are the current school uniform.

We will not be able to sell any uniform which does not meet these criteria. Any clothing which we consider is not in good condition or is not current school uniform will be recycled or given to charity.

You may either receive 50% of the proceeds of the sale of your items, or donate the proceeds in full. 

To receive 50% from the proceeds:

  • Please label your items using the labels which can be found in the document link below.
  • If this is the first time you have submitted clothes to Swop Shop, please also complete the form found in the document links below and email it to otherwise we will not be able to send sale proceeds to you. (Please also ensure that Swop Shop is notified of any changes of details.)
  • Payments are made electronically by bank transfer once items are sold.
  • As a general guide, good quality items will be sold at approximately half the retail price.  Please see the link below to the current price listing.
  • You will receive 50% of the amount the item is ultimately sold for.

To donate the proceeds in full: 

  • No labelling is required if you wish to donate your items.
  • This means Swop Shop receives all monies.

We will hold and display your items for at least one year. Thereafter the items will be removed and given to relevant charities, good causes or recycled.


If you have any questions please e-mail Julia and Emily at: