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Historically the movement of children ino any senior school environment is sometimes perceived as a major leap. At Halstead St Andrew's however, the transition will be made as smooth as possible for you and your child as we fully appreciate the need for close academic and pastoral links between Year 2 and Year 3.

Year 3 is very similar to Year 2 in that the children are still very much form room based. The class teacher will still teach their form for the majority of the time. This is especially important in the core subjects of English and Maths and Science. We continue to have an open door policy and, if you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.

The development of the children can then be continued and further enhanced in Year 3 and above. By the end of Year 3 for the very first time, children are set for Maths, English and French and regular half term assessments take place.

Managing the Transition

In the Summer term prior to Year 3, the children have the opportunity to mix with children and staff in the senior school through:

  • House meetings
  • School assemblies
  • A morning with their new class and form teacher
  • Provision of an information leaflet for parents and children.

If the children have experienced what life is like in the senior school, it helps to remove some of those holiday fears!          


All of the children at the end of Year 2 or on joining the school for the first time are allocated a school House. There are numerous competitions between the Houses and whether they be sporting, musical or academic, the children take them very seriously! The Houses, led by our hugely enthusiatic staff, are made up of different year groups. They  meet once a week on Thursday mornings where children have an opportunity to discuss House matters including fund raising events for their chosen charity.

  • Clubs - support Woking and Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care
  • Diamonds - support Street Child
  • Hearts - support Starlight Foundation
  • Spades - support Surfers Against Sewage.

The House system is a fundamental aspect of life at Halstead St Andrew's as it further helps to reinforce the pastoral side of life at the school. The children sit in Houses for lunch in mixed year groups. This reinforces their sense of belonging and encourages their recognition of this important aspect of pastoral care.

As a school, we firmly believe that children thrive on praise. The opportunity to celebrate good work or behaviour should not be missed. Form and subject teachers will actively do this through daily life. The children may also receive stars for their good work and behaviour. They are added both to their individual and the House points total. These are then recognised at the end of an assessment period. The children with the highest totals receive acknowledgement in their House meetings.

Moving on to Secondary Education

The school provides guidance and advice to parents on the secondary school choices that best suit each individual child. There are a number of evenings organised in order for parents, pupils and staff members to discuss future options. In addition to these, the school organises a biennial open evening and invites a wide selection of secondary schools to attend. The Headmaster is always available to discuss the options open to each individual.

In recent years, many children have progressed on to schools such as: